Dust Maps

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Final maps are now available!

You must download both a copy of the data and of the software. Please email schlegel@astro.princeton.edu to report that you have obtained a copy of the maps. We can then send you information on updates.


The map is available in 3 sizes: 10242, 20482, and 40962. You should be using the full-resolution 40962 maps if possible. The smaller sizes are provided for convenience, but lack the full resolution. Note that the X and T maps are only computed at low resolution.

There are five full-sky maps, each stored as two files (one for the Northern Galactic Hemisphere, one for the Southern). The following maps are available individually:
Map File names Description Download individual files
Ebv SFD_dust*.fits E(B-V) [magnitudes] 1024: NGP SGP, 2048: NGP SGP, 4096: NGP SGP
mask SFD_mask*.fits 8-bit mask 1024: NGP SGP, 2048: NGP SGP, 4096: NGP SGP
I100 SFD_i100*.fits 100-micron [MJy/Sr] 1024: NGP SGP, 2048: NGP SGP, 4096: NGP SGP
X SFD_xmap*.fits Temp-correction 1024: NGP SGP
T SFD_temp*.fits Temperature [Kelvin] 1024: NGP SGP

You may also obtain all the files at a given resolution as a g-zipped Unix tar file:
1024 maps (23 MB)
2048 maps (59 MB)
4096 maps (203 MB)

Or you may obtain any of these files via anonymous ftp. To obtain the 4096 E(B-V) maps and their masks:
ftp deep.berkeley.edu
login as anonymous
cd pub/dust/maps
bin (to set transfer type binary)
prompt off
mget SFD_dust_4096*.fits
mget SFD_mask_4096*.fits


You may access the data using IDL, Fortran or C code.

IDL README file -- IDL code (gzipped tar - 64kB)

C+Fortran README file -- C+FORTRAN code (gzipped tar - 29kB)

Other Resources

Burstein-Heiles maps - We provide a copy of the Burstein-Heiles maps for comparison
Filter table - translate E(B-V) to extinction in common broadband filters

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