Lile Wang @ Princeton

Graduate Student in Astrophysics

Department of Astrophysical Sciences

Princeton University

AGN Torus Formation
Cosmological Perturbation theory
Pulsar/White Dwarf MHD

About: Lile Wang

WANG, Lile (Chinese: ηŽ‹ εŠ›δΉ) is a first year graduate student in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences in Princeton University.

He is now interested in the theoretical aspect of astrophysics, including:

  • Perturbation theory of cosmological structure formation
  • Formation and evolution of AGN dust torus
  • Merger-tree and bulge-BH correlations of galaxies
  • MHD of white dwarfs' or pulsars' magnetosphere

He is an anonamous referee of Astrophysics and Space Science.

Before he came to Princeton in 2013, he got his B.S. degree in physics from Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) in July, 2012. Then he visited Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) as an visiting researcher.


Perturbation theory for structure formation
( 2012 -- present )

Perturbation theory provide us an interesting way to understand the large scale structures of the universe. Working with Prof. Martin White (UC Berkeley) and Dr. Beth Raid (LBNL), we extended the application of the Convolution Lagrangian Perturbation Theory (CLPT) so that we can obtain pairwise velocity statistics with it. Those statistics enable us to calculate the correlation function in redshift-space, with pretty good precision and accuracy. Cross-correlations between halos in differnt mass bins are also possible to be calculated.
The code is available at: CLPT_GSRSD ; Paper: arXiv: 1306.1804

Formation of AGN dust torus
( 2013 -- present )

AGNs have torus, which sometime block the emmision of their broad-line regions. We (with Dr. Renyue Cen) are performing higher resolution simulations with more detailed physics (radiative transfer, line opacity) adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) to address the formation of such torus with better understanding and insight.

Merger tree and galaxy bulge-black hole correlations
( 2013 -- present )

It is generally considered that the correlation between galaxy bulges and black holes comes out of co-evolution. However, Jahnke & Maccio (2011) showed a possibility that the correlation might simply be the results of merger. We (with Dr. Yue Shen) are performing more detailed examinations about this assertion.

Axisymmetric nonlinear MHD and white-dwarf magnetosphere
( 2011 -- present )

MHD equations are non-linear. Sometimes, this non-linearity gives multiple solutions to MHD PDEs even if we fix the boundary condition. We perform numerical solutions with identical boundary conditions to some semi-analytic axisymmetric MHD solutions, showing the impact of such non-linearity, exploring their applications, and try to explain some "odd" behavior of MHD numerical solvers in some specific conditions.



  • An analytic model for redshift-space distortions,
    Lile Wang, Beth Reid, Martin White, 2013, in press of MNRAS
    ADS / arXiv: 1306.1804
  • Dynamic voids surrounded by shocked conventional polytropic gas envelopes,
    Yu-Qing Lou, Lile Wang, 2012 MNRAS, 420, 1897
    ADS / arXiv: 1109.2682

In preparation

  • Solutions of axisymmetric magnetohydrodynamic flows with various boundary conditions,
    Lile Wang, Yu-Qing Lou, 2012, Submitted to MNRAS


My Github Repo

Small projects that I host

  • KDTPCF :
    A two-point correlation function calculator using k-d tree [time complexity: O(N3/2)] algorithm.
  • ICIC :
    Count-in-cell angular statistics calculator using integration method.
    Convolution-Lagrangian Perturbation Theory code with Gaussian Streaming for Redshift-Space Distortions.
  • Stock_Crawler :
    A GUI crawler fetching balance sheets (and other statistics) for securities in Chinese stock market.

Large projects that I participate in

  • Astro-linux (will do...):
    a GNU/Linux distribution for astrophysics, hosted by Tsinghua University.

Scientific talks

30 Mar 2013
Pairwise velocity statistics in convolution Lagrangian perturbation theory
BigBOSS (MS-DESI) Collaboration Meeting, SHAO, Shanghai.
Click here for slides

12 Oct 2011
Self-similar gas dynamics of voids and supernova ejecta
The 3rd Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting, NAOC, Beijing
Click here for slides

Contact: Lile Wang

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    lilew (-at-)
    wll9004 (-at-)
  • Address:
    032 Peyton Hall,
    Department of Astrophysical Sciences,
    Princeton University,
    4 Ivy Ln, Princeton NJ 08540
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I am also interested in a lot of things other than astro...


I am a (bad) amateur photographer. I am now using a Canon EOS 550D.
Crappy, isn't it? Yet my skill and technique are even crappier...
You can see some (crappy) photos at another page (under construction).
Be patient, man! I will have better shots later.


I plan to obtain my FAA pilot license no later than July 2014.
For now, I have been a 9-year flight simulator player.