I am mainly interested in the formation and evolution of galaxies in a LCDM universe.
Specifically, I am
- trying to understand how feedback processes from stars regulate star formation and dynamical evolution of gas in a cosmological context, in conjuction with the properties of outflowing gas from high-z galaxies,
- trying to measure how many photons escape from dwarf galaxies in the young universe,
- investigating how disk galaxies form in a LCDM universe where galaxy mergers are frequent,

For these purposes, I make use of three-dimensional AMR (radiation) hydrodynamics simulations (run with RAMSES or sometimes Enzo code) I have been developing a stellar feedback model that can capture the momentum transfer as realistically as possible.
Projects that I am involved
Contact Information - Mailing address: Department of Astrophysical Sciences, 4 Ivy Lane, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA
- Office: 116 Peyton Hall
- E address: kimm astro princeton edu