Jason Li

Hello! I am a PhD student in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. My research currently focuses on the physics of pulsar magnetospheres. I run first principles numerical simulations of Maxwell's Equations to solve for the eletromagnetic field structure in the highly magnetized and electrically conducting environment surrounding pulsars. Click here for a movie of a rotating pulsar with magnetic axis inclined relative to the rotation axis by 60 degrees. The red and green streamlines trace selected magnetic field lines from the north and south magnetic poles. Magnetic field lines reverse direction through the current sheet, demarcated by the solid purple and gray surface. I am interested in plasma physics processes operating in the magnetosphere, including magnetic reconnection in the current sheet and potentially related particle acceleration. The ultimate goal of this work is to explain the observational signatures of pulsars that we actually see, especially pulsars that emit high-energy γ-rays.

In the past I have also worked on supermassive Black Hole accretion, relativistic jets, and atmospheric circulation in planetary atmospheres, among other topics. See these links for my cv and a list of my publications. You may contact me by sending mail to