Welcome to the main page of AST205, "Planets in the Universe"!

Excerpt from our syllabus:

This is an introductory course in astronomy focusing on planets in our Solar System, and around other stars (exoplanets). The course starts with reviewing the formation, evolution and characterization of the Solar system, including the Sun. Following an introduction to stars, the course will then discuss the exciting new field of exoplanets; discovery methods, basic properties, earth-like planets, and extraterrestrial life. Core values of the course are quantitative analysis and hands-on experience, including telescopic observations. This STN course is designed for the non-science major and has no prerequisites past high school algebra and geometry.
Note that we also keep certain materials on blackboard, such as those related to logistics, grading, group work, and blogging.

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Changes that were implemented in 2014

Based on the extensive feedback from 2012 and 2013, we implemented some changes for the 2014 fall course. These will be in effect for the 2015 fall course. These definitely improved the course, and made it even more fun.
The last star party of AST205 in 2013 with our most persevering students observing from the roof of Peyton hall.