Astronomy Colloquia (Spring 2003)
All talks on Tuesdays @ 4:15 pm in Peyton Hall auditorium
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Date Name Affiliation Title (click on title for abstract) email address Hosted by Comments
2/4 Feryal Ozel IAS Neutron Stars as Gravitational Lenses Draine confirmed
2/11 Lyman Page Princeton Results from the MAP Satellite
NOTE: This is a special Physics/Astronomy joint colloquium.
time: 4:30 pm
location: A-02 McDonnell Hall Auditorium
. Draine confirmed
2/18 Andrea Ghez UCLA Full 3-D Orbital Solutions for Stars Making a Close Approach to the Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy Bahcall jointly w/Columbia.
2/25 Gordon Garmire Penn State The High-Energy Universe with the Chandra X-ray Observatory Draine confirmed
3/4 Adolf Witt Univ. of Toledo Extended Red Emission: Photoluminescence by Interstellar Nanoparticles Draine confirmed
3/11 Karl Gebhardt UT Austin Black Holes of All Masses: The Globular Cluster/Galaxy Connection Goodman jointly w/Columbia
3/18 Bart Pindor Princeton Searching for Strongly-Lensed Quasars in the SDSS - student talk (Spring break)
3/18 Yeong-Shang Loh Princeton Brightest Cluster Galaxies from the SDSS Luminous Red Galaxy sample - student talk (Spring break)
3/25 Alycia Weinberger DTM The Evolution of Dusty Circumstellar Disks Draine confirmed
4/1 David Charbonneau Caltech Extrasolar Planetary: The Shadow Knows... Turner jointly w/Columbia. astro-ph/0111544
4/8 Lori Lubin Univ. of California, Davis Massive Clusters: Understanding Galaxy Evolution and Structure Formation Bahcall confirmed
4/15 Don Clayton Clemson Supernova Minerals in Terrestrial Laboratories Draine confirmed
4/22 Jeff Hester Arizona State Univ. The Crab Nebula: The Gift that Keeps on Giving Draine confirmed
4/29 Lei Hao Princeton The AGN Population and Luminosity Function in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey - student talk
4/29 Hiranya Peiris Princeton First Year WMAP Results: Implications for cosmology and inflation - student talk
5/6 Charles Lada Harvard From OB Stars to the Deuterium-Burning Limit: Embedded Clusters and the Initial Mass Function Draine 2003 Spitzer Lecturer
5/13 Eric Ford Princeton Investigating Extrasolar Planetary Systems - student talk
5/13 Iskra Strateva Princeton Double-Peaked Emission Line Profiles as Evidence for Accretion Disks in AGN - student talk
5/20 Walter Lewin MIT X-ray Astronomy -- The Early Years Paczynski confirmed
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