Science Opportunities with Wide-Field Imaging and Spectroscopy of the
Distant Universe


November 9-11, 2009, Princeton, NJ

Progress in our understanding of the fundamental problems facing
cosmology, and galaxy formation and evolution, will require powerful
and comprehensive surveys of the high-redshift universe. This
conference will bring together leading researchers planning the next
generation of surveys with wide-field optical telescopes, using
state-of-the art wide-field imagers and multi-object spectrographs.
Particular emphasis will be placed on the wide-field capabilities of
the Subaru Telescope, operated by the National Astronomical
Observatory of Japan, and its next generation of instruments,
including Hyper-SuprimeCam and the Prime Focus Spectrograph. The
meeting will focus both on technical issues of the instruments, and on
the science drivers for the next generation of surveys.


Immediately following this meeting (i.e., starting the afternoon of
November 11), we will have an informal workshop to discuss the design
of future surveys with Hyper-SuprimeCam. Those who wish to take part
in this workshop should indicate this when registering.